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The new believer. A person who is born again starts a new life similar to that of a newborn infant.

Adam Cooper shares seven rules that promote good health in babies and can be adapted and applied to a Christian's spiritual growth - 

1. Daily Food. Take in the "pure milk of the word" through study and meditation.
2. Fresh Air. Pray often or you will faint. Prayer is the oxygen of the soul. 1 Thess 5;17
3. Regular Exercise. Put into practice what you learn in God's Word. (James 1:22, become a doer of the Word)
4. Adequate Rest. Rely on God at all times in simple faith.
5. Clean Surroundings. Avoid evil company and whatever will weaken you spiritually.
6. Loving Care.Be part of a church where you will benefit from a pastor's teaching and Christian fellowship.
7. Periodic Checkups. Regularly examine your spiritual health.



"Christian maturity is a process. We all grow day by day - not in a day"






Exit the wilderness ... a journey to freedom (Deliverance)

Do you want to have and enjoy what Jesus died for your to have? (John 10:10)

  1. How to renew you mind according to the Word of God.
  2. How to avoid unnecessary trouble and suffering in our life.
  3. How to deal with uncontrolled wrong thinking or behaviour (Addictions: You love the Lord and try to break the habit - but can't)




















Are your willing?
Self-denial, self-sacrifice and self-surrender

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